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We can offer three programs dependent on swimmer's abilities in lap swimming, core strength, and focus/concentration. Monthly admission fee can be adjusted according to practice hours. All SSST members can participate in our annual Summer show and Arden Hills Club & Spa Member Appreciation Party on July 26, 2017.

equipment: Introductory swimmers need to have nose clips, goggles and caps. Intermediate/Age Group swimmers need to have buoys, flippers and paddles. For competition, each swimmer will need to have the following:  SSST team suit, SSST black cap, a plain black suit and a plain white cap.  They will also need SSST team track jacket and athletic black leggings. Optional uniform includes a black and white SSST long swim parka and black Speedo SSST backpack.  All of these can be ordered through Arden Hills Club & Spa Boutique.

meets: Our meets begin in January and continue through late July.  Most beginning age group swimmers participate in five meets held in the Pacific Association.  Teams in our association include Sacramento, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and Santa Rosa.  We also hold meets with the Central Association, which includes teams from the Monterey Peninsula.

parent involvement: Our team depends on volunteer efforts on the part of our families.  Fundraising is a crucial part of our annual budget, which helps to keep our dues reasonable.  For this reason, all families are expected to participate.  The fundraisers vary from working Bingo to Garage Sales. We commonly host two swim meets that will require manpower from all families.  Our parent board also consists solely of volunteers.

Introductory Intermediate Age Group
level clinic summer team, year round competitive year round
target age 6-13 6-15 9-18
description A program for swimmers who would like to learn the basics of synchronized swimming in a non-competitive way. Emphasis is on learning through play, developing a love for the water, and the sport. Swimmers are featured in exhibitions and our annual show. This program is for swimmers who would like to expand upon their basics and start putting routines together. It can be a preparatory program for moving towards Age Group. Year round intermediate swimmers practice alongside the competitive swimmers year long with shorter practices. Athletes compete in 1-3 competitions and are featured in a team routine in exhibitions and our annual show. The most competitive option provided for swimmers. Swimmers are divided into age levels for practices. The programs are Age Group 10 & Under, Age Group 12 & Under, Age Group 13-15 & Age Group 16&Over. Team formation is based on age and ability level. Our season begins in September and continues to the end of July or early August. Our competition season begins in January. Many of our athletes go on to try out for the United States National Team in January. Those that make the team train for eight weeks during the summer and then compete, representing the United States internationally.
typical weekly practice schedule*1 45 minutes (4-445pm) x 3 days 45-90 minutes (530-7pm) x 3 days 3h (5-8pm) x 4-5 days
typical SSST monthly fee*1, 2 $100 (member) or $150 (non-member) $120 (year round, member) or $180 (year round, non-member) (summer team price TBD) $145-175+
one-time registration fee*3 not required required required
swim skill (required) 25 meters (any style) 25 meters (all styles) 400 meter IM
previous experiences of synchronized swimming no yes, some introductory yes, 1-3 years of intermediate
travel for competition*1, 4 no partly yes yes
Full Arden Hills Club & Spa membership ($225)*5 not necessary not necessary necessary
    *1. Practice schedule, SSST monthly fee, and travel expenses are subject to change due to timing of seasons, combination with other swimmers, and staffing.
    *2. Exact fee depends on weekly practice hours.
    *3. $95 United States Synchronized Swimming Individual (USSSI) + $10 Pacific Association Synchronized Swimming membership +$10 meet entry fee.
    *4. Typical travel cost is $3000/season, which will be (partly) covered by SSST travel fundraising.
    *5. This does not apply to Arden Hills Club & Spa members.

Clinics and shows


Sacramento Synchro Spring Swim Clinic 2017

Day: April 10 -14
Time: 5:00-5:45 (April 10), 5:45-6:30 (April 11), 6:45-7:30 (April 12), 4:30-5:15 (April 13), 5:15-6:00 (April 14)
Where: Arden Hill Club & Spa
Bring your swimsuits and enjoy it.

Sacramento Synchro Spring Swim Show 2017

Day: April 10 -12
Time: 4:30-5:00 (April 10), 5:15-5:45 (April 11), 6:15-6:45 (April 12)
Where: Arden Hill Club & Spa

Fee: Free.



Want to try synchronized swimming?

The "Summerbelles" is a special summer introductory program. Monthly sessions will run in May, June, and July. They are for any swim-competent athlete that would like to try synchro either for the first time or with limited experience. Of course, athletes are free anytime to "level up" to our year round introductory or intermediate team.
There will be hands-on assistance in the clinic from Sac Synchro's very own athletes. We look forward to introducing "mermaid training" or "water ballet" to your athlete. They can expect to learn progressive skills over the course of the 9-sessions to culminate in their very first "synchro routine." June and July clinics will be offered. Athletes that continue on throughout the course of the summer will have the opportunity to perform in Arden Hills' Member Appreciation Party on July 26, 2017.

Date & Time: May 10-31, 2017 (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays; 9 sessions minus Memorial Day)
8 yrs & under: 6:15-6:45pm
9 yrs & over: 6:15 -7:00pm
*Athletes may change groups based on swimming skill level

8&Under: $85 if Arden Hills Club & Spa member, $120 if nonmember
9&Over: $105 if Arden Hills Club & Spa member, $150 if nonmember

Click the link for payment through PayPal.


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Sacramento Synchro Annual Swim Show 2017

Details will be announced.

Day:  July,
Time:    TBA,
Where: TBA

Please fill out forms and bring them with you on the first day of clinic.

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